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Packaging Regulations Compliance Fees

Compliance costs vary depending on your business structure, which registration method you adopt and the amount and type of packaging being handled. For full data submissions it is also affected by the activities the business undertakes in relation to the packaging it is handling.

In order to register there are three main fundamental elements of compliance fees:

Kite Scheme Fees

This is an annual fee, payable to register under our scheme, please contact us for more details.

Environment Agency Fees

Annual Registration Fee
  • Data Assessment Method  £564
  • Allocation Method  £345
Subsidiary Fees
  • 1st to 4th  £180
  • 5th to 20th  £90
  • 21st and subsequent  £45
It should be noted that the Environment Agency charges additional fees for registration after the 15th April in each compliance year and for any data resubmissions that it may request.”


PRNs are the “taxable” element of complying with the Regulations. By joining Kite’s Compliance Scheme your obligation to purchase PRNs is transferred to Kite. Members are invoiced quarterly for their PRNs spreading the cost of compliance over the year.

Please click here for more information on PRNs.

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A Government Accredited Compliance Scheme for the Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste Regulations