Frequently Asked Questions

I have a specific question and can’t find the answer?

Give us a call on 02476 420080, or e-mail one of our Packaging Regulations Experts Our friendly team are experts in the Regulations and are happy to help with any queries which you may have.

Why have I never heard of these Regulations?

The Regulations are written by DEFRA and enforced by the Environment Agency, SEPA, NRW and the NIEA. None of these organisations promote or advertise the Packaging Regulations as it is not part of their remit. Their view is that companies have a responsibility to be aware of the Regulations that may affect them and ignorance is no defence. Consequently the Regulations are not widely publicised and many companies are unaware that they are affected.

I am worried about confidentiality?

Kite will treat all discussions with the strictest confidence. We are here to support and protect your interests at all times. We will not share any information with anyone other than as required by the Regulations as part of your registration process when you become a member of our scheme. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

We are a subsidiary of a wider group, do I need to register?

We would need to look at the structure of the group to understand whether you would be affected by the Regulations, even if you as a subsidiary don’t meet the thresholds in your own right.

I have Waste Transfer Notes which demonstrate that all my waste goes for recycling?

These Regulations have nothing to do with the waste that you generate and send for recycling. They are affectively a “tax” on the packaging that you have caused to be introduced into the UK system. You can not offset your obligation with Waste Transfer Notes.

I am a ISO14001 registered company, does this cover me?

No, compliance with the Packaging Regulations is often flagged during ISO14001 audits, raising a non-conformance for companies that should be registered.

Do I really have to register?

The Regulations are a legal requirement and failure to comply with them can lead to enforcement action being taken against your company. The Regulations should not be confused with any industry standards and are not optional.

My customers/supplier is registered, so I don’t have to be?

Your obligation is solely dependent on your company and is not offset by your customers or suppliers being registered.

We are only a sales office am I still affected?

If you are buying or selling products and or packaging but not physically handling the goods you are still affected by the Regulations. As this is a complicated area please contact us on 02476 420080 for advice.

If we should be registered why has no-one checked?

The Environment Agency carry out audits on non-registered companies. Avoiding or evading the Regulations is illegal and can result in a criminal prosecution. If you have failed to register in previous years Kite can remedy this via an Enforcement Undertaking. We strongly recommend that all companies should register at the earliest opportunity if they have just found out about the Regulations.

I know someone who isn’t complying?

If a supplier or customer is non-compliant, it could impact your business if they receive a significant fine. On the other hand if one of your competitors is not registered this gives them a financial advantage. We can check to see if a company is registered and then help to get them compliant.

Should I be weighing everything?

To avoid spending unnecessary time collecting data, we strongly recommend waiting until we have had the opportunity to assess your business before you begin this process, saving you time and money.

Can I get information from my packaging suppliers?

Most suppliers of packaging materials are able to give you a summary of the amount of packaging in weight and material type supplied to you over a given time period. If you purchase from Kite Packaging we can obtain this information on your behalf.

If I reuse my packaging, how does that affect my obligation?

Reused packaging is not obligated as long as its original form has not been changed. This includes pallets, cardboard boxes etc. Multi-trip packaging is obligated but only on its first use.

Are CHEP pallets obligated?

If you lease CHEP pallets or other packaging you do not own the packaging and therefore they do not form part of your obligation.

What is CIO and am I affected by it?

The Consumer Information Obligation applies to all companies whose primary packaging activity is classed as “selling”. All our members will be advised if your primary activity is selling once your data assessment has been completed.

My customer has asked me for packaging weights, do I have to provide them?

You are not legally required to provide this information, although often it is helpful to do so. Sometimes customers will use a third party to collect information (which the third party will use for financial gain). This information request can be onerous and you are under no obligation to provide this information. If you have any concerns please contact us on 02476 420080.

I don’t want to become a member, however can I still use your services?

We do offer a consultancy only service please contact us to discuss your requirements.

I’m really confused by these Regulations?

We are here to help you, give us a call on 02476 420080, our friendly team are happy to help with any queries which you may have.

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