Do I perform an Obligated Activity?

The responsibility for obligated packaging is shared between companies performing one or more of the following activities:

Manufacturer: A company who produces the original raw material used to create a packaging product e.g. pulp for cardboard or paper, polymer for plastic packaging application.

Converter: A company who performs the final stage of creating a packaging item e.g. box manufacturer, shredding for voidfill, shrink wrap & strapping producers, pallet maker.

Packer Filler: A company who adds packaging to their goods.

Seller: A company who supplies the end user of the packaging (not necessarily the end user of the goods).

Importer: In the event any of the above activities occur over-seas, the 1st company to handle the packaging within the UK picks up the obligation for any packaging activities which happened before entering the UK.

In practise, if a company is handling packaged product it is likely to be performing one or more of these activities. If you have any questions about whether you perform an activity, please Contact Us

For more information on companies likely to be affected, please click here.

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